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Can I use a htpc for carputer ?

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  • Can I use a htpc for carputer ?

    I am planning on buying this htpc for my carputer project... I may be purchasing it for $500.. it has a matx mother board,core duo, is small, and seems perfect for a carputer...I was wondering what power supply i should use to power it in my car I would like to be able to power it on and off with ignition like regular automotive power supplies (m2-atx) but I thing i may need the connectix power supply that is more I need any thought or opinions on the setup....I already bought a voom pc 2 with the 1.5ghz cn700 jetway mother board, hard drive and ram, etc... and the damn motherboard stopped working 2 weeks late wont show any video ( maybe a faulty ram memory module..just want to throw that out there for people suggesting that i just build my own car pc from scratch or buy a carputer kit ... Im assuming the htpc is overkill but as long as it is reliable i dont care.. any help with powering this bad boy would be great thanks!!! here is a link for the htpc..
    and ill be buying it off of craigslist....see it here-

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    This FAQ was written for people in your very situation:

    to help you out, the system you linked to uses a Conroe core CPU. They draw a max of 65w, so you should use that figure in your calculations.

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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