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Hibernation after startup if pc is idle

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  • Hibernation after startup if pc is idle

    I've got something weird going on, if I start the car and just let it boot and don't have any programs running after about 5 min. it will hibernate. I'm running tablet edition on a dell optiplex gx150 with a m2-atx. I dont have any power managment in the bios and the windows power mgr is set to always on and there's no screen saver. not really a big deal because I of course usually have something running on it but this morning i had to drive to work with (gasp) no pc. Any Ideas?

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    Check the screen saver settings, XP comes with a default 'standby' mode if there is no activity.
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      I double checked, it says none under screensaver and the options are grayed out. But thanks for the reply.


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        perhaps this thread might help you