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Ground Loop Isolator Question

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  • Ground Loop Isolator Question

    I am having the same whine associated with my Zune + cigarette lighter + aux line as many others have had.

    I see everyone saying to buy a ground loop isolator for the fix, but I had a simple question.

    The isolator I see at Radio Shack has 2 male and 2 female RCA jacks, with the males being the input side and the females being the output side (doesn't make sense to me). Does it matter if I turn it around and use the female side as the input (so I can plug my 3.5mm -> RCA cable from my dock) and the male as the output (to my stereo)? Will the ground loop isolator work the same if I switch it?

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    If the ground loop isolator contains a 1:1 transformer, which they most likely do, then reversed installation will not cause any problems.

    Ground loop isolators are pretty cheep, so give it a shot. However, they will reduce the quality of the signal and most likely reduce the highs and muddy the base response. You are better off trying to power and ground your iPod from the same source as your head-unit. This should get rid of any noise created from a ground loop and not effect the sound. This may sound easier than it really is, as it will require you to tap into the power and ground coming from your stock stereo harness.

    Good luck..