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Built In Computer Inside the Monitor!!! WOW!!!

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  • Built In Computer Inside the Monitor!!! WOW!!!

    So i have been looking for a 7" vga lcd alredy built in a headrest and found this new product.

    Jensen NVX3000PC
    Here is a link.

    In all reality, all you need to do to it is slice the cig liter cable and soder it to the back of the cig lighter cables.

    Wow! Imagine this on the road with a Windows XP personal computer with buillt in navigation all in one small 7 inch unit! 256 MB, a 30 GB hard drive, wi-fi, with MP3 and video playback. Get where you're going and be entertained at the same time!
    - Full color wide screen display
    - Windows XP operating system
    - Full US and Canada mapping
    - Built in WiFi
    - Built in card reader
    - MP3 and video playback compatible
    - Headphone jack
    - Rechargeable lithium ion battery included
    - Windshield mounting bracket included
    - Full function remote control
    - AC/DC adapters included
    - Two USB ports
    -800 x 400 panel resolution

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    Street price $1200. That is going to bring more people to this hobby.


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      Oh yes..i am really considering this. It also has built in FM modulator to push the audio to your existing radio and a video output for external monitors.

      I downloaded the manual and it has a full XP load with a JENSEN fronend similar to centrafuse to me.

      I will probably order it in about 2 weeks and see how it works. Its basically all i want and im sure i can remove that little 30gb drive and put in a larger faster laptop drive or an external 750gb driv via USB......mmmm..

      there a little under $1200 online.

      Now if someone would make this with a DOUBLE DIN style with 3 pairs of RCA audio outputs i would be in line for 2 of them.
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        Wow, I'm actually impressed!
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          Sunlight readable? Not likely.
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            Another weird screen resolution, no audio in, only headphone out, who cares about FM modulator they suck bad, no bluetooth, and only 2 USB ports. I don't know; sunlight readable might salvage it but like JLemieux said I doubt it.

            Don't get me wrong, its not God awful for a first try; they just need to catch up to the hobbyists.
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              you can't really compare this product to a regular carPC. given it's size and price, you really can't expect it to be feature-rich as an average carPC. to make a usable x86 computer in such a small form factor, sacrifices must be made.

              for it's size and price, I think it's a nice product.
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