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My back's killin' me!

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  • My back's killin' me!

    This noob is so thrilled to get the carpc install working that I've been sitting in the driveway, tunes cranked, yakking in the threads FOR HOURS.

    It's downright unhealthful!

    Anybody else on a honeymoon with a carpc?

    Happy CarPC'ing!

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    Mine install is a "beta" at best. but im stoked to have everything working without a big orange extension cord.
    Car Pc progress meter:
    [-5%-------------------] Carpc build #2. So far, 20$ deep! I love recycling!

    "The car is the closest we will ever come to creating something that is truly alive" -Sir William Lyons
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      Yea, I was stuck in the driveway for a coupla weeks 'till I got my inverter and other wiring just like I wanted it.

      It's a lot of fun, but I have been sitiing in my car for a couple of hours now. the days of hours and hours online have returned.

      Plus, this .wav file ripped music sounds soooo good!

      Happy CarPC'ing!