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BMW 3 Series 2008 - Cant seem to get the Sub to work

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  • BMW 3 Series 2008 - Cant seem to get the Sub to work

    I have recently purchased BMW 3 series 2008 - trying to setup a music system with good audio but cant seem to get things working.

    BMW 3 series - with BMW professional radio installed (MP3 player, 6 CD changer, 4 speakers - 2 front 2 back)

    To pump up the system i got the shop to install Sony 4 channel AMP and Blaupunkt base tube

    Amp: SONY XM-ZR604

    The input to the amp is takin from the rear speaker wires
    The output is distributed to sony speakers at the back and the base tube
    Installed 6 inch sony XS-GTX1620S (specs: )

    The issue is that when the boot is open the system seems to have a strong and acceptable base but when the boot is closes, you can hardly notice that there is any amp / base tube installed
    It seems like the base just remains in the boot and doesnt seem to come out in the car / outside the car when the boot is closed

    Has someone come acroos this problem before? Does the BMW have the kind of noise isolation that the sub wouldnt sound of the boot?

    Its weird but ive spent the money purchasing and installing the system but this is proving of no use as of now.

    Someoen please help

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    the bmw's have very well insulated and sound proof. Especially the newer models. I have always owned bmw's and never had a problem till I got my new 7 series. There is steel between the seats and boot and there is a lot of padding/insulation behind the rear seats to stop road noise entering the cabin.

    but i wouldnt have thought you get much bass into the cabin with a 6" sub, u need something a bit more powerful. or do you have a armrest where you can place the sub?