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New Jersey drivers: New laws regarding Text/Phone use

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  • New Jersey drivers: New laws regarding Text/Phone use

    Handsfree hits the highways...

    Looks like the police in NJ are cracking down on text and phone use while on the roads (primary offense, meaning they can write you a ticket if they see you). 21 other states are considering it. This is due to people being distracted while chatting, doing 50mph in the fast lane, causing accidents, etc.

    I just thought it might be good warning for those of us with CarPc's, since (lets face it) when your eyes are on the TS, they aren't on the road. Weave or drift a little, drive like you're doing something other than driving, and you may get a $100.00 ticket. They could also wrap a reckless or careless driving charge around it, which is points on your license.

    Beginning Saturday 03/01/2008, police can slap drivers with a $100 fine for talking or sending a text message on hand-held devices.

    New Jersey joins four other states, including neighboring New York, where talking on a hand-held cell phone is reason enough to get pulled over. The Garden State is the first where text-messaging on the road is a primary offense, meaning police need no other reason to pull a driver over, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

    Pam Fischer, director of New Jersey's Division of Highway Traffic Safety, said officers will be on the lookout for telltale signs of distracted drivers slow driving and the "cell-phone weave."
    Read the whole article>

    Be safe!
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