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  • i hear voices......

    we have a separate section for gps, moniters, psu etc.... but none for soundcards. pci and usb alike. wouldnt we benifit a bit to share knowledge and solutions to problems one might come across?

    granted some will want to run the onboard sound, they could have a non pci/usb soundcard specific question or solution we could all benifit for those of us that want to run that route.

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    i brought this up sometime ago in the RR forum. Some USB sound cards have trouble working when coming out of hibernation. These are going to be hit or miss. good luck
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      I think thats a great idea. Especially since I'm sure most people who have Sound Blaster Live and Audigy cards have no idea what Kx is all about. I know for 2+ years I didn't, and I missed out on A LOT. Now I've gone full active and love every bit of tuning my audio setup.

      +1 for dedicated sound card (output device) sub section!
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        Kx is new to me. if only there was such a section....


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          have you guys looked in the audio forum? there's already threads with tons of info about sound cards, DACs, Kx, ASIO, bit-perfect playback, tuning, and on and on.

          this place is like rat shack: "you've got questions, we've got answers"


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            haha, well this place usually has the right answers. majority of people that work at rat shack dont know fck about anything technical. i used to work there, and i felt like i should have been manager due to my knowlage of everything there.