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Anyone know anything about TriDef

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  • Anyone know anything about TriDef

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    I think this is one of the "compatible 3D systems" that takes advantage of the new 3D capabilities of DLP chips for DLP TV's -- Samsung is one of the first to have TV's in the market.

    Not really something for in-car if that's what your thinking, as it's only on TV's that are 50+ inches diagonally so far.

    IMO, seams like another gimmick to try to bring 3D images in the home again... for like the 3rd or 4th time in the last 10 years. I still have some 3D glasses that came with an old video card I've long since moved on from somewhere upstairs <g>. Never was that great, and so limited on what could be viewed in the "quasi-3D"


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      Well, I wasn't thinking for the car, but I do have a new DLP from Samsung. I just posted this becuase i figured someone on this forum would have some insight. From what i've been reading is that it is software for the computer. Sad part is that my carputer is the only system I own to handle the minimum harware req. Too bad not capable for xbox360 or PS3. HD gaming with this 3-D Tech would be insane!


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        Yea, Samsung seams to be the only ones so far taking advantage or/advertising the 3D image technology. THey have a pretty good explanation on their sets with it here.

        I'm a little confused on their approach, though. Some earlier announcements I was reading is that you had to buy another device that actually "processed" the 3D images. The TV was just special in that it could display them due to the 120Hz refresh rate. However, the link above is now saying that for "about $100" for the glasses is all you need and everything is built into the TV (such as the TriDef hardware you mentioned), eliminating the need for add-on hardware. <shrug>

        But you hit it on the nose .... there isn't any content, aside from tech demos, for this yet. Doesn't work with anything existing (i.e. gaming systems), and the broadcasters have to "prep" the transmission for 3D use. Not gunna happen very much unless Samsung/Texas Instruments (makers of the DLP chip) put some HEAVY money into the pockets of the broadcasting companies.