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    So I've been doing alot of research here in and read almost all the FAQ's and stickys...and lots of post..etc....

    I just want to know in general, how satisfied are you( for those of you with it) with your carpc/mobile media ceter?

    I was mainly wondering about stability? hard drives and bumps on the road...
    i want your individual feed backs about your experience...t

    thanks in advance...
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    There are a number of threads about HDD stability. The general consensus is to not be concerned about it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Heck I've been using an inverter (which only adds more parts to fail) and I've had great luck. I changed out the inverter once because the first one's cooling fan died. Other than that, no failures.

      I did just ordered an M2-ATX yesterday because my new amps are drawing too much power and my battery needs to be replaced. When listening at very high volumes, my inverter will sometimes go into protect mode, shutting down my PC in the process. Not a major issue as the M2 and a new battery will fix this. It's also not an issue caused by the PC in any way. I never had this problem until I upgraded my sub amp to bit more power so I know that's the cause.
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        Originally posted by chris350 View Post
        hard drives and bumps on the road...
        i want your individual feed backs about your experience...t

        thanks in advance...
        I've been using a 2.5 laptop drive in my Jeep Wrangler for years.. I installed my empeg as part of the first batch they produced, which had to be at least 9 years ago or so.

        And I don't always do 'normal' driving with my Jeep.. =)


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          I ran a used 2.5" 40GB hard drive for over a year before it started to develop drop outs and had problems booting. My current drive was new and has been installed for about a year. My hard drive is solid mounted (no suspension system) and the car PC sits on the carpeted ledge behind the seats.

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