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Just built first car pc

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  • Just built first car pc

    I have hust finished building my first car PC and am currently part way through installation.
    I am at a loss as to what software to install and so was hoping you guys may be able to help.
    I have:-
    Built in bluetooth
    GPS receiver
    DVD player

    Running on XP

    I want to be able to :-
    Use my mobile hands free
    Play music (easy one)
    Sat Nav (dont know what program to use)
    I want a nice front end screen
    Voice activation

    That will do for starters.

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    This is my preference....

    Front End:
    RoadRunner (created by guino)

    DigitalFX3 (created by JohnWPB) will be better off if you start with a basic skin at first(just to get the hang of it), then move on to a more advanced skin like DFX3.

    or you can create your skin for RR (very easy to create a basic skin if you have some skills with photoshop or similar program).

    other Front Ends are listed here (I highly recommend RR though)

    either way... get ready for allot of reading..

    As for navigation, I prefer Ig4


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      Cheers for that. Noticed that Iguidance is for NA only. Any suggestions for UK?


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        garmin have just brought out a new version of the GPS software for laptops, its about $60 or something, still waiting to find out if it can take non-garmin, but garmin compatible maps.

        im still using nRoute as there is almost nothing else for my country that has maps available.

        check the GPS section in this forum