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Ideas for mounting CarPC in trunk

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  • Ideas for mounting CarPC in trunk


    I would like to clean up my Accord trunk... Specifically, I am looking for ideas on mounting my CarPC in there. I have tried for ideas, but so far I am coming up dry. Could I get some suggestions? (Pictures would be great)....

    My car is an Accord, but suggestion from any trunk install could lead to more creative thoughts flowing....


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    Ive found that mounting the pc by screwing it to the back of the rear seats works well. Looks neat, and I can diagnose any problems from within the car (rather than having to pop the trunk) because my rear seats can flip down. Thats only if you have a fairly compact case though.


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      Hatch or sedan?

      Here's what I did in my 300:

      Hinged shelf.

      If you've got a hatchback, you can mount in on the sides, under panels, seatbacks (as mentioned) etc.

      You're really only limited by your imagination..................

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        "You're really only limited by your imagination.................."

        Given my imagination is on short supply, I have to borrow ideas from everyone else!!!


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          Originally posted by nasa View Post
          I would like to clean up my Accord trunk... Specifically, I am looking for ideas on mounting my CarPC in there.
          where is your current carPC mounted/installed?

          in my previous system/installation I had my laptop/docking station mounted to an MDF shelf that sat on the floor of the trunk (amplifier on the bottom 'shelf' with the laptop on the top 'shelf' above it).

          later on, to save space I hung a metal shelf from the rear deck (it wasn't actually a shelf, it was a steel cover from an old horizontal desktop PC case) from the rear deck. this saved alot of space but unfortunately it got so hot up there (when the car was sitting in the hot sun) that my laptop would overheat and shutdown. I left the 'shelf' there and now I use it as a general storage shelf

          neither solution was ideal, and I never really wanted it in the trunk but at the time money was tight so I didn't want to spend any money on a new system so I used what I already had. the laptop/DS was too big to fit anywhere else, so it had to go in the trunk.

          I just replaced my old laptop with a Intel mini-ITX system in a small aluminum case from Mo-Co-So. this case allows the motherboard tray to be installed normally or upside down in the case, which gives you a few different mounting options (including hanging it from the rear deck or mounting it to the side or seat-back).

          this was much smaller than the laptop/DS and could easily fit under the passenger seat. so that's where I installed it. now I don't have to deal with the heat issues in the trunk or the cable extensions / long wires. do you have any other mounting locations you are considering or are you only considering the trunk? (and if so, why?)

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            My carputer is located in my trunk. It's mounted on a mdf board (with 2 rails, so I can remove the computer as necessary) which is screwed into the driver side wall of the trunk (there's a metal piece between the outside shell of the car and the fabric inside). I am using an Opus solutions case, which is to big to fit anywhere on the inside of the car. Even if I was using a smaller case -- I have an amp under the passenger seat, my DSP processor under the driver seat, DVD drive/usb hub/DSP control unit in my center console, USB UIRT/Car2PC behind monitor in the area that use to be the little cubby area, and the glovebox is actually used to carry stuff (ie: proof of insurance, tissue (for allegies), etc).

            I haven't had any issues concerning heat with the carputer in the trunk.

            Basically, I would like it to not look so *getto*.....

            Once I get my camera back, I will post some pictures and get some feedback on it.



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              One thing you have to do is make sure the HDD is on it side, so when you hit bumps the arm can move along the disk surface. If you have the HDD flat then the needle can slam down directly onto the disk, damaging the arm, disk or both.
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                Hi guys,

                To see what I presently am doing, please look at my worklog....



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                  I attached my PC and amp to a piece of mdf like in Greatwhite's first pic. But it is on the opposite side of the board from his, and it hinges from the trunk floor. So when open it sits on the floor and when closed, you just see the back of the mdf covered with some trunk carpet. All nice and hidden. I put a 120mm fan in the middle to help cooling. I can't find my pics so I hope you understand what I'm saying.


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                    Originally posted by nasa View Post
                    Basically, I would like it to not look so *getto*.....
                    does you setup still look like this?

                    if so, I don't think that looks "ghetto" at all. I think it looks about as good as any trunk install could look. it's mounted vertically and it's compact. the only thing I would suggest is that you neaten up your wires/cables
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                      Yeah that's my setup,

                      and thanks for the FusionFanatic. I'll work on those cables....



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                        How pretty do you want to make it? You could get really "pro" on it and fab up a nice shelf. Maybe something that will allow you to add an amp and a capacitor if you plan on throwing a system in there.

                        I've been looking around on to get some fabbing ideas for the same purpose for my bravada and there's a lot of boxes that people have built that might give you some inspiration. Search fiberglass on if you want to see what other people are doing.

                        For myself, I'm planning on doing a nice 3 stack shelf that will have a recessed shelf for me to rest my pc in, then a shelf for an amp, and a shelf for an inverter. I was thinking maybe I could put a ledge, like a riser at the top or bottom of each of the shelves to put a neon in to really kind of show off each component.

                        I've already bought all of my supplies to fab a shelf, total it was under $80 for the fiberglassing materials. So far at least.


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                          Here's my PC mounting solution. My case fits nicely into the dip in the plastic molding (I don't have any pics of it though, go figure). I couldn't do a rear seat mount because of my subs.
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                            I've gotta go to bed... everytime I see the word "trunk" I read "truck".
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