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New PC Setup, Nothing happens when Key Turned

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  • New PC Setup, Nothing happens when Key Turned

    Hi guys,

    Just wired up my second car pc today and nothing happens when i turn the key.

    I have a jetway motherbaord on an M2 ATX.

    Since the motherboard has been working in house then im thinking the problem is with the M2 which i bought (used) either from here or ebay some time ago but have not been able to test.

    I have checked the power to my dist block and the cables goin to the m2 atx all have 11.7 volts, which i assume is ok as its close to 12.

    I have tried every combination of wire seating on the M2 power switch to motherboard power switch cable in terms of polarity.

    Oh yeah i also tried to see if a molex live pin had any power and it had 0.3 something.

    Is there any other places i can check to see if the power is making it, or any other suggestions at all?


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    if you connect the switched line of the m2 to constant power, does itwork?

    Also if your M2 is too old, you may need to solder a replacement cap there. Known issue with jetway boards and the M2
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      Thanks for your fast reply.

      I will connect a constant power to switched line tomorrow.

      I dont think i will be able to solder a cap onto the board since my soldering skills are very poor.
      Is there any way i can tell the age of my m2


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        SORTED - Prob was with old version of MATX not sending enough pulse to the mobo to power it on.
        Swapped it with the M2 ATX in ym other car and it works!

        Thanks everyone.