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Escort Passport RJ11 Pinout?

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  • Escort Passport RJ11 Pinout?

    Does anyone know the pinout and specifications for the Escort Passport RJ11 jack? The + and - 12V are pretty easy to figure out, but what are the specs on the other pins?

    This would be great information to have.. I would like to hook up an external bright blue LED, radio mute, or interface the unit with a Car PC.

    Thanks in advance for your help..

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    That jack is supposed to be connected to a helmet so it can be used by motorcyclists. There's a display you can get that works inside the helmet.

    I couldn't find a pinout or anymore information about the jack.


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      The RJ11 jack that I am referring to is the one that the power cord (cigarette lighter adaptor) connects into the unit with. I know that 2 pins are used for power, but the other two pins are signal. I know this because there is a special smart cord (included with the Passport 8500, optional for other models) which has mute, power, and warning lights. There has to be someone out there that has dissected the smart cord and has figured out the signals for a radio mute or brighter warning illumination..