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Carputer Questions: 2001 325i

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  • Carputer Questions: 2001 325i

    Hey guys,

    I've been lurking around this forum for 8 years now... having a carputer has been a dream of mine and now I've got the car and the means to make it a reality!

    I just picked up a 2001 325i and I've seen some really sweet installs by some people on this board. My plan right now is to do what most people have been doing and take out the factory headunit, move the ac unit down and put the lcd in its place.


    1. How do you tap into the power lines for the monitor and carputer (in the trunk)... are there unused connectors?

    2. I was wondering if it would be possible to relocate the factory head unit somewhere or what I would need to do to have the speakers be powered. Is it necessary to even have a headunit?

    3. How do you run the power lines to the trunk without them being visible to the passengers

    4. Has anyone had issues running their computer in cold weather

    I've searched the forum and haven't been able to figure these questions out so any help would be appreciated!


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    1. The battery should be in the trunk, so you just need to tap into those. Or add you own connectors to the battery (don't forget to fuse them)

    2. I have moved my HU to the glovebox (E36 328 '97), but it is not a factory one. It is normally possible to run without a HU but you will need to check which audio system you have on your E46, there has been discussion on this board about that.

    3. Down the middle under the carpet or down the sides under the trim. Make sure you run Audio down one and power down another.

    4. Define cold weather. Again there has been discussion of this on the board, so have a search and see what reports there are for the kind of temperatures you expect.

    Really low temperatures can cause HD's and screens to be sluggish or not work till they warm up. High temperartures obviuosly cause the CPU and/or PSU to overheat and cut out.

    Good luck