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BMW Infill G4!?!?

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  • BMW Infill G4!?!?

    Will the Infill G4 work with a 1999 BMW 540?

    Also is there a Infill G5 coming out that I should wait for?

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    Originally posted by RealRitzcracker View Post
    Will the Infill G4 work with a 1999 BMW 540?
    it will work in any car... the question is; will it fit?

    the G4 is double-DIN size so it will fit in many cars. it's dimensions [WxHxD] are roughly 7" x 4" x 7" (according to the G4 owner's manual).

    measure the space you have in your dash. make sure there is enough room for the G4, and the wiring harness behind it.

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      True Dat!

      What kind of board is inside the G4
      Pico, Mini, Micro, ITX


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        There is only 1 Pico board sold right now, and the specs dont match. Also the G4 is older than when the pico came out.

        uATX is too big for double din.

        That leaves mini/nano itx. I doubt it is an off-the-shelf mobo though, but it is probably nano form factor.
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