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Changing Track in Winamp Causes Loud Buzz and No Music

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  • Changing Track in Winamp Causes Loud Buzz and No Music

    Around 20 seconds after the computer boots up, all music goes away and the a loud buzz starts. Before the buzz everything sounds find, i.e. tracks play in winamp. Anyone know what could cause this?

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    maybe you got a program running in the background that is blocking other sound?


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      No, it's not a program I'm pretty sure. I ended everything running and it still did the same thing. Any other ideas anyone?


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        On startup (right after the windoze screen), I get a loud buzzing but it goes away once it logs in to the network and completes the boot. It only last for a about 15 seconds. I think your problem is a little different though.

        What about a process or service that is running?
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          Does the computer keep running? it might be something with the power supply, over heating maybe, supplying the wrong voltage on one of the rails, but i dont really know.
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            Update: I installed new sound card drivers and that fixed it. Don't know why.