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Ipod in Classic Car with no headunit. RCA out and charging power required

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  • Ipod in Classic Car with no headunit. RCA out and charging power required

    I am new to the forum and hope someone can help me with my current project.
    I am creating a hidden MP3 stereo system in a British 60s classic car which for appearance does not include a working head unit. I have purchased 12v stereo amp with volume control and RCA input facility. This will be installed inside an old 60s Motorola MW/LW radio using its front panel volume and on/off control only. I have RCA power in to the stereo amp and will have switched 12V power out.
    My question is I need to link in an IPod to the amp and power (charge it) it in the simplest and most economical way. The I Pod will need to be charged and if possible switched off and on with the 12V switched feed and I will need Audio out at line level out of the single I Pod docking connector. I can re-terminate any wires from the Ipod connector.
    I have looked at using a Dension cable but they could not help me so my approach now is to use a Alpine KCE-422i cable (much cheaper) to connect to the IPod how do I then get Audio out and power in to the D shaped plug?, does anyone have a pin out for these connectors so I can take off the D shaped plud and reterminate or know of an interface cable to the D shaped plug with the ends I require.


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    You might want to try something like this:

    It's as basic as you can get and it does just what you say. RCA out from the iPod dock connector and 12v leads.

    Hope this helps you


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      Nice one

      Cheers this is exactly what I am looking for, I was about to give up and have to settle for 2 connections to the Ipod a car charger and a headphone to RCA cable. Have you had any experience with this company?