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Using Factory Ford (08 Mustang) Sirius tuner in CarPC

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  • Using Factory Ford (08 Mustang) Sirius tuner in CarPC

    Ford uses a tuner from visteon ( Anyone know if it is possible to use this with a frontend like roadrunner? Could i buy the 8-pin din to usb cable and hack the end to recieve this connection if i got the pinout and was able to wire it correctly?

    I would like to go to a custom carputer for something different and this is the only hurdle i am having.

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    I don't believe you can do that, as far as I know Mitch's products ( don't support every sirius tuner. At the moment the only supported product is this one:

    They used to sell a conversion kit for the Alpine Sirius Connect unit but it's been discontinued.


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      well thats sucks... =(


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        At least with the SC-C1 you don't have to take anything apart and modify it. Not that the alpine conversion kit was all that hard to put together.