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  • Use HU?

    How many are using the headunit to control the sound?
    Im am going to install my carpc soon and I dont know if i shell remove the HU or not.

    Can I get a clear sound without the HU?

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    Still running mine through the stock headunit(Monsoon(ie rebadged Delco)) - sounds pretty good to me. Will eventually redo my audio system but it is good for now
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      I pulled my head unit out and havent missed it since. I use an external Sound Blaster Live and run directly to the amp. I briefly attempted to use the headunit, but found that it sounded horrible.


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        it's all personal preference. some prefer to keep a HU with their carPC and others prefer a HU-less system...

        yes, you can certainly get "clear" sound without a HU. since an outboard amplifier is generally better quality than the small internal amplifiers inside a HU, your sound may be even better.

        there are pros and cons to each. keeping a HU allows you to keep hardware-based radio and volume controls but may be harder to integrate everything into your dash for a clean look.

        a HU-less system usually forces you to use software based radio, volume, and EQ controls.

        I personally hate software volume/EQ controls. I kept a HU in my previous system, but have gone HU-less for my current system. I compromised by using a 1/2-DIN pre-amp equalizer between the PC and amplifiers.

        whatever you decide, good luck
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          Keep the HU if you can - you'll appreciate it IF the PC breakdown while on a long road trip.
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            It all comes how your car dash is setup. If you have room for the monitor and a headunit, then you could keep the hu. But if you only have room for one or the other, then headless.


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              Originally posted by treetop777 View Post
              Keep the HU if you can - you'll appreciate it IF the PC breakdown while on a long road trip.
              very true... as I've had that happen before

              but you can prepare for that by keeping a portable FM radio, MP3 player, CD "walkman", or SAT radio receiver in the car as a backup audio source, in an 'emergency' you can always feed that straight into your amp.

              I use a Pioneer Inno portable XM receiver which is normally connected to my carPC's line-in jack, but one time I had to use it as a direct XM>amp audio source when my carPC wouldn't turn on (it turned out to be a loose pin in my case's I/O power connector )

              I also keep a cheap pocket FM radio in my car as well. in the rare event that my carPC AND amp should fail to work, I will still have some form of audio available. I haven't had to use it yet (at least not in the car ), but it's always there if I need it ...

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