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  • My project for the day - advice needed

    Getting ever closer to a full install. My project for today was taking that little trim panel (plug whatever) and sanding it down smooth, bondo-ing it and sanding it again ready for me to hack into with the dremel. It was embossed with the trailblazer logo and quite ugly I might add, but I thought it would serve a more useful purpose.

    I hacked into my IR Man and desoldered the eye from the circuit board and attached about 6" leads so I could orient the eye like I needed. Then just ripped into the piece with a dremel. I purposely made my cuts larger than the needed to be because me plan was to use this plastic putty compound I picked up to fill in the gaps and create an exact mold of the item that was going in that particular location.

    It worked like a charm! As you can see from the pic I still need to remove the IR eye and cover up the usb port so I can sand it and bondo it again in prep for... oh yeah the reason for the post!

    I could make it smooth and paint it to match the dash, but that would be different than every other dash piece. What I want to do is texture it to match the grain of the rest of the dash. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

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    There are people that work out of vans that do this specifically - maybe a smash repairer could hook you up?

    Failing that - trim the piece in vinyl that has the same grain?

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      I use texture coating to texture my dash pieces. Go to your local auto paint store and get a product by "SEM" part number 39853 texture coating. I usually put the piece on the ground and hold the can about 4 or 5 feet above it and kinda let the texture fall on to it. You can get different results at different distances. Then I paint it with vinyl paint. Hope this helps.