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hacking an apple itouch, to use as my touchscreen?!!?

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  • hacking an apple itouch, to use as my touchscreen?!!?

    Gday all,

    posting this in here because i guess ill get the most hits... i basically am wondering if anyone has the capability to hack the itouch ipod i have to simply use it as a touchscreen in my car.??

    or is it even possible.. any thoughts on this..? i am very keen to try and make this happen as it will be mainly used with the fusion brain and a simple interface that is easy to use..

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    It's possible, but you might not be super enthusiastic about the extra steps it takes.

    1. Jailbreak the iPod.
    2. Install VNSea (a VNC client)
    3. Install a VNC server on your computer.
    4. Install a wireless router in your car.
    5. Configure VNSea on the iPod Touch to have an entry that corresponds to the IP address of your carputer on the wireless network.
    6. Done.
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      So ultimately i dont need a monitor connected once its setup.. i could say, just have my ipod sitting in my car as the screen?.. could it be set up as an application? or is the VNsea the app. this is starting to sound really good.

      is VNsea going to be easy to install onto the ipod? i gather its going to be in the coders realm of things..?

      i think one other thing is a bust is that i installed 2.0 on my touch yesturday and they cant break that just yeT?


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        Lets put it this way....

        If you bought an apple product because you believe the ads, it will probably be over your head. If you know your way around the interface, dont need the warranty, and know how to use the interwebs to your advantage, you can probably do it easily.

        Fimrware Updates Gone Wild can turn your hunk o junk, into a non-operational hunk o junk paperweight.

        But from what I have seen you do, I think you can do it no problem
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          im excited so i can really have control of my pc, through my touch from as far away as my wirelesss router will allow?

          access to my fusion brain even..

          jeez this is starting to sound really good..

          i did some searching on VNsea and there was talk of them tryin to make the product available through the app store, hopefully they can allow this to happen.


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            might be a big laggy tho... if it works...

            but why.. really? unless you mount it on the dash, you will probably kill yourself trying to use a screen that small to play music via a VNC'ed pc


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              more of a show thing... i have a minitruck with alot of work done to it, one being air suspension etc.. and i want to control it from my ipod when im away from it, more to prove what is doable and whats not... alot of people out there are paying for way overpriced systems, and i want to prove that a lil bit of knowledge can go a long long way..

              i also feel with the right skin, mounted properly onto the dash, will be totally fine for playing music etc.. if u have used one, the screen size is plenty enough, and the touch sensitivity is awesome.... also the quality is also,


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                I really love how you're basically using it as a remote. And I couldn't agree more that a little knowledge or some searching goes a LONG way. Saves people a lot of money to realize they can do things themselves, plus its wonderful experience and a great feeling when it's finished!
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                  The nice thing about trying out the VNSea method is that if you end up not liking it... you didn't really lose anything because you can test it out with stuff you already have.

                  I hadn't thought of the 'control the computer from far away' aspect, that's a great point. I might have to do this w/ mine too now.
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                    thanks for your supporrt guys, ill delve deeper into it when the install becomes closer..


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                      good luck with that then, cant really say.."well its just a waste of money and you are mad" seeing as ive spent a heap on my car pc too


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                        lol well if u seen my car, ud think its a big waste of money also, but heck, gota spend your money on something.. ultimately its not costing much more then a wireless router.. lol


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                          a car i had years ago when i had my car stereo shop...
                          car was worth $6k, the sound system was worth about $7k (plus install time)

                          im older and need my ears more now (and boot space), so its one amp and a car pc now

                          you got pics?


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                            Have a flick through here, on my forum..


                            at the paintshop now.. its not getting painted green anymore lol..