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Anyone Here Ever Purchased From Chinavasion?

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  • Anyone Here Ever Purchased From Chinavasion?

    I just stumbled upon this Chinese site ,thye have some real cool car electronics and was wondering how good this items are the fact that there from china.
    Anybody here ever purchased from them?
    Do you still have the item in working condition?

    Some of the car electronics

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    i actually had the middle one off of ebay

    very cheap and nasty !

    not recommended


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      Chinavasion not the best

      I'm having problems with chinavasion. Just want to warn people really. Item arrived ok but was DOA and they are taking ages to reply to my emails and when they do reply it's spurious nonsense. They obviously have no intention of giving good service or honouring the incredible claims they make on their attractive and very professional website. I tried their telephone support number but the number was not in service. I should have suspected something when they charged very high shipping and in their guarantee said in the event it doesn't work we'll 'help' you to post it back to us.

      From what I gather about chinavasion there seem to be some happy customers but no shortage of unhappy ones.