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BMW with OEM linux Atom system !!??

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  • BMW with OEM linux Atom system !!??

    Is this for real!!??? BMW with OEM linux Atom system with standardized sw units!!??

    This is what we all want is it not?

    But will it happen? I had a look (for fun) in BMW car configurator and selected options for the X6. Add navigation, DVD etc and you are well over 10k!

    What do you think?
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    Originally posted by CW site
    Atom consumes just three watts of power, and so generates very little heat compared to normal mobile processors. "With a chip like the Atom, it is only now possible to put a PC-like device in a car," said Smethhurst.
    Then wtf is my 89W X2 5600 doing in my car?
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      thats actually funny...
      they talk about sticking a PC in car like they just invented the wheel...