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Double Din Not Playing Any Videos

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  • Double Din Not Playing Any Videos

    Hello everybody! I had recently bought a 7'' Double Din DVD GPS combo off of eBay and well its not that great. Every time I try to watch a DVD, video, & aux it gives me this screen that says "Please Stop Watch Video Player" as shown below. Can anyone help me please I would really love to remedy this.

    Here is a lil info off the eBay page about the item.

    Thank you all in advance!

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    are you trying to watch a video while driving? if so, it probably has a lockout so you have to be stationary to watch movies.
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      I am going to assume wire 13 requires input from a parking brake switch. Its probably gonna accept ground. Try touching it to another ground connection and see if it works?


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        Yeah they are probably trying to be socially responsible by making it a requirement that you hook it up to the handbrake. Funny considering the unit was likely made in a sweatshop