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Configuring old computer to run mp3's in car

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  • Configuring old computer to run mp3's in car

    I have a fair knowledge of computers and I was curious how I might run mp3's off an old computer in my car? I suspect dos would be the easiest platform to run on given the only task I'm looking at. What would I have to do (fabricate) do to set up the system properly - such as; power suppy,dos mp3 programs, cheap lcd screen etc.

    I'm guessing this has been done before.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Good guess.


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      First of all, welcome to

      Many of the members here on on their second, third, or even fourth iterations of their in car MP3 computers. Many also use these machines for more than MP3 playback, with GPS being the most popular app (IMHO). MP3 computers are a very personalized project here.

      You will see that many of the questions you asked have been answered many times in the past. Take a look at the older posts, and answer the following questions for yourself:

      Hardware choice? (MB, RAM, HD configuration, Optical Drive?)
      Power Supply (Inverter, Custom DC-DC, Purchased DC-DC)
      Display (LCD/VFD, Monitor)
      Control Method (Remote, Keypad, Touchscreen)
      Software (OS, Player, Additional Apps)

      Again, welcome, and happy hunting!


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        Hi Blake, I'm kinda new here myself, but one thing I have figured out is, you've got to want to do this as a hobby, sorta for the fun of doing it. You can purchase in-dash MP3 players from major manufacturers for under $150, so you'll almost certainly have more money in the project than that.

        But, to get you started, I'm also considering going the pure mp3 player with DOS route myself, and a program called MPXPLAY is one of the best DOS based mp3 players. Your biggest challenge will probably be, trying to decide how to power your project, as AVGeek eluded to.

        Good luck and keep us posted to your progress.



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          MPXF Settings

          As I recall there is a setting in MPXF that prevents MPXPlay from pre-loading all of the ID3 tag information at start-up. I made the mistake of upgrading my software when I tore my player out of my Lumina to install it in the Intrepid. You'd think after all this time and three cars I'd have it down pat. Anyway when I loaded the new version and got it in the Intrepid I had the exact same symptoms as you are describing. I changed that setting in the MPXF Options menu and the problem cleared right up. Been running it in the 'Trep for 3 years now with nary a hiccup.
          98 Intrepid
          P166 32Mb 1.7Gb (20Gb failed on me )
          4x20 Backlit LCD w/ numeric keypad
          MPXF w/ MPXPlay
          Fed into head units auto source Line-In