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Slow Going into Hibernation

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  • Slow Going into Hibernation

    I just picked up a Jetway J7F2WE2G and did a clean install of XP Pro SP3. It's great, I can resume from hibernation in about ~15-20s with 512 ram, and that's including the 5s delay from my M2. Comparing that to the 45s resume of my previous Via M10k, it feels fast.

    However, the problem is that going into hibernation feels much longer now than before. The computer hangs at the "Preparing to Hibernate" blue screen for about 20 seconds before it actually hibernates. It doesnt do that when there are no usb devices plugged in. My old M10k board did not do this, even with the same usb devices plugged in.

    So I am just wondering if you guys have any suggestions to speed things up? Or maybe how can I narrow things down a bit? Anyone know what exactly happens when XP is "Preparing to Hibernate"? Perhaps I can change some timeout setting or whatever...

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    Sounds like it's saving the USB configuration (which is diffirent from the M10K board).... check what services are running, but there is probably some device configuration that is hosing it up.