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fiberglass how-to videos?

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  • fiberglass how-to videos?

    hey all. i just got a new car (99 suburban) an want to do a much more professional install than i did last time. i want to do the custom fiberglass case, but have never worked with fiberglass. i have searched the forum and found some decent sites explaining the process, but i work better with video so i am wondering where i could get a hold of videos explaining the process? i found a great looking set at select products ( but their $180 for the set. any ideas? thanks,
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    check google or ask jeeves. Amazon has couple of books for like 40 bux each. do an online search for where to buy fiberglass.


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      do lexon, fiber glass can shatter easily


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          Originally posted by Stavros
          do lexon, fiber glass can shatter easily
          Are you kidding?!?
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            fiberglass layup

            I prolly have a few vids about fiberglass wet layup relating to aircraft composits. it's mostly about fiberglass over a core material.
            let me know if your still interested
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              Originally posted by Stavros
              do lexon, fiber glass can shatter easily
              When you say fiberglass can shatter easily do you mean plexiglass? and when you say lexon, do you mean lexan? Lexan and fiberglass are 2 totally different things. Fiberglass is a liquid resin and requires hardener and can be formed and molded and sanded to the exact shape you want. Lexan is like plexiglass which comes in a sheet of spacific thickness. If you want to mold plexiglass or lexan, you gotta have a mold made then you put the plexi or lexan in the oven and bake it til it borders melting point then apply the super hot plexi or lexan on to the mold to shape it the way you want. I'm pretty sure that's how they make clear hoods on some of the chow mein hondas and acuras.
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                Just fyi, you can bend lexan by using a heatgun instead of putting it in an oven. It makes it easier for wierd shapes, or large pieces.
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