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Who has a *slick* interface? voice? on controls... hotkeys. etc.etc

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  • Who has a *slick* interface? voice? on controls... hotkeys. etc.etc

    Ok, I am fearing having to use my computer through one of those Dauphin 9" keyboards.

    My car interior is small.. very small. There is absolutly no room for any input device bigger then the palm of my hand. Im also thinking whatever I use has got to be mounted on the dash, or the floor console.

    What I would love, what would be ideal is a combined system of
    (a) voice recognition
    (b) eraser tip (like on those ibm laptops) mouse controls
    (c) a few programmed hot keys 1: gps 2: winamp from c drive 3 winamp from cd
    (d) A mini-mini-mini key *pad*, about 3" by 3" with little letters about the size of calculator buttons.

    (a)-(c) I think I can find, but could use advice on what the best product is... (d) I have no idea where to get...

    Im sure there are poeple on this board who have to deal with space constraints equal to or greater then mine....

    Folks with tiny car interiors pls help!
    What kind of ui do you use?
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    you can make d. there was a site with a good circuit + software that would run buttons off the serial port. I no longer have the address, but maybe someone else has it.

    I saw it on the [H]ardforums.



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      This thread has the info I believe you're looking for.


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        Have you thought about a visor mounted keyboard?
        (c) a few programmed hot keys 1: gps 2: winamp from c drive 3 winamp from cd
        i use MacroMagic... works great for me.
        "What kind of ui do you use?" i use a illuminated VW radio faceplate with the guts of a Keyboard inside and the buttons activate keyboard Macros that change my 12 playlists with Vocal Genre Announcement, reboot WinAmp, Shutdown computer, Next song, Previous song, stop, play, seek forward, seek back, shuffle on/off. All those features through 15 buttons...and a PalmIIIe to see what is playing.
        GTI - Palm IIIe controlled with Radio faceplate hack for keyboard control of WinAmp w/ Vocal Genre playlist loading.
        VW Bus - 10.4" vga lcd. Loaded with same software as above.


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          thats what I'm working on. still building the hardware to use with it. So wait about a month or so.

          3000GT, nice car. 350Z myself. nice to see another fast ride.


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            Hey folks, thanks for the responses, pls keep em coming
            Birrman54 & ddt: Im sure I can make (d) but Im trying to stay away from any custom fabs for input devices, when I get into doing that it always either takes *forever* or doesn’t look good. Im really dying for an off-the-shelf solution. Thanks for the info tho.
            Loftus: The visor mounted keyboard is a good idea, perfect for some cars.. but my visor already gets in the way.. Im actually looking for a slimmer one now… and even if I had a keyboard that doesn’t increase the thickness of the visor, its just not convenient to reach up there, sounds crazy but its true. I must say, your vw faceplate is very nice.
            Alphared: looks like a nice interface, and the 350Z… a very nice car. I will want to hear how that top secret interface comes along.

            Anyhow, no off-the-shelf mini-keypads? Nothing like that?
            1995 SL stock
            Working On: GMAT
            Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd


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              how about this?


              the guy Switch from 5speedpc is selling them. Expensive, $189 shipped. might as well get a touchscreen.



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                I recal someone selling a device that adapted palmpilot keyboard to PS2
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                  Birrman54: yes! thats it! exactly what Im looking for!..... The only problem is.. at $189 I gotta choose between having a motherboard, and having a 5speedpc keypad... ack. one aint much use w/o the other.

                  Now Im thinking, there are 3 ways to get things

                  1) Just buy an off-the-the shelf
                  2) Custom fabrication
                  3) Modify off-the-shelf products (buy a off the shelf, and make a few *simple* mods)

                  Is it just me, or do you guys think somone could make a killing with #3? Custom fabrication is only for the most devoted master craftsman, and when you make something yourself.. not much chance you want to sell it for anything less then a *lot* of money.

                  Over the past 10 years or so, there have been hundreds of input devices churned out. On ebay there are thousands of old joysticks with programmable buttons, remote controls for pc's, etc, etc, etc.

                  I am sure, 100% somone with a little time could reserach which old input devices could be easily adapted to new car-freindly input devices... perhaps

                  1) an old pc remote control w/ keypad, could be put in a custom case (that could be easily semi-mass produced from a mold) that would attach to the steering wheel or on the dash. Buy the item cheap on ebay, mod it, and sell it for like $80++. make $50 on each one, I would buy it.

                  2) take the programmable keys out of joysticks, and sell small strips of plastic with the 4 or so programmable buttons Old joysticks are cheap, and a glue-on 4 programmable button ui would be worth something.

                  Of course, one could ask the obvious question: "Dan, if you think it will work why dont you do that" The thing is..
                  I dont have the time. Once somone did the research and had a mod-center in their basement and a process set up, the time to produce individual items would be minimal, but finding which are the right parts, and how to mod them, that will take a large chunk of time up front. Right now my time goes into night-school after the day job... but I think somone could make a lot of $ doing something like this.
                  1995 SL stock
                  Working On: GMAT
                  Given Up On: Custom motorized lcd