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First time booted up!

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  • First time booted up!

    Well, here i am posting this from my almost finished Car PC. I finished making my plexiglass case tonite, and while it may have a side that isnt straight, or missing some filler material around the cdrom and motherboard, and have a small crack here and there, im happy with it. First time attempting to build a plexi case, and i did it all with my dremal, which i think is on its last legs.

    Anyway, its running on a Epia M9000, with a 50x cdrom and a 25gb harddrive i had laying around. I am going to wait till spring to install it in my car i think, i first need to buy a screen, then wait for this *** cold weather to get out of MA.

    I will have pictures of my not-so-symetrical case up by the nights end, but i wanted to boot it up and play with it now that its in its case
    Progress here: