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mazda 3i aftermarket carputer. this any good?

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  • mazda 3i aftermarket carputer. this any good?

    hey all...I was building a carpc for my car..but then just got a brand new car and don't want to hack anything up...I was just going to build a simple carpc for the new car but found this the other day and REALLY like how OEM it looks. But cant really find any 1st hand experience from anyone who's got one. Anyone ever seen something from that company for a different car and know if they are any good? there is a few places Ive found that sell it. the cheapest was $800.

    Here is a pic I just grabbed off Google to show the stock dash.

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    I looked at the site and the systems look impressive if they do what they say. I would contact the american distributor for more information about hardware and see if it meets your specs.

    Flyaudio America
    Address: 7009 190th St .SW Lynnwood WA 98036
    Tel: (+1) 4256724828
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      thx man. i had some issues trying to find their number...helps alot

      EDIT: wow, I swear they didn't have it that easy to find before or I'm just that dumb