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Need Help Loading Songs From Itouch to Computer

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  • Need Help Loading Songs From Itouch to Computer

    Great, informational site.

    First time poster, long time lurker. I've been in the process of researching and absorbing as much info from this great site in an effort to build my own carpc. Well, after lots of downloads an testing different front ends and skins, my computer crashed. Thankfully I had backed up most of my "carpc" files to DVD. I can't say I was so fortunate for all my other files, including my Itunes files (2000 songs).

    I'm back up and running on a new Dell XPS. Great machine, BTW. My question is, How do I load all my songs back into my computer from my Itouch, so that RideRunner can read the song titles? I'm able to pull all the files but the folders are "F00, F01, F02...". When copied over to my Itunes folder, Itunes recognizes the Artist, Title, Album, etc. But when I launch RideRunner, the song titles read "F00, F01, F02..". Not the names of the songs.

    I would really appreciate any help.


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    Seriously, no help on this subject?


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      first, it hasnt even been a day, calm down...

      and secondly, you can change how and what RR displays in the title in RRConfig. You can set it to read from the id tags what version and many different options.
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        My apologies. Not knowing how to fix it has been driving me insane.

        So, I can change it RRconfig? Even if my audio files are in weird named folders (F00, F01, F02...)?

        How can I fix it in RRconfig?

        Thanks again.


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          Here's how...

          Okay, there's a mess of folders that you've found. I think 49 of them. Each folder contains a handful of music files with names that you cannot read. You want to put them on your computer to do with as you please.

          Here is the easiest way. Get yourself a copy of some form of zip extraction utility. Select the parent folder (the folder that contains the 49 other folders). Add it to the zip and make sure that you select "add all subfolders" or "recursive" - for the most part, you want it and all of the folders and files contained within that parent folder. Then in the options, de-select "keep folder structure" - this is not critical but you'll want it this way if you use a re-namer later.

          Once the zip is built, extract it to a folder on your computer where you want it to be. You will end up with a file full of music files that you can't read. Install iTunes on this computer. Then grab this folder and drop it into the music window and all files will appear inside iTunes as they did on your device (iPod or whatever). Now you can use iTunes to distribute the music to other devices.

          If you need to see the file names, you need to find a renamer on the internet. All of the filenames are stored within the header tag inside each music file. I wrote a program that can rename MP3's but getting the header info for M4a's and other music files is a little more complex and I've not tackled it yet. Any renaming tool will work and some can do most music file types.

          Hope this helps.