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    I have got a 120 amp circuit breaker mounted next to my battery under the bonnet which powers my carpc and an amp. With both running at maximum power comsumption it would not draw more than 50 amps. I am in Melbourne, Australia and temps are getting around 44 celsius (~111F) and after about 20 mins of driving the circuit breaker trips from the heat and will not switch back on until it cools. I have tested this by pouring cold water over it (it is a sealed unit) and it switches back on straight away. Should this be tripping becuase of the heat or is the spring in the switch getting weak from the heat?

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    before I assume anything, post a picture of the circuit breaker if you can. Give us the make and model number too.
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      When its working normally, there is some resistance from the switch when switching it and it also clicks when switched. When it gets hot, the switch position doesn't actually move when it cuts out and when I switch it there is no resistance or clicking it just feels sloopy or loose.


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        Anyone have any idea's?


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          Unfortunately these types of breakers work on a bi metallic strip. As the current passes through the strip, it heats up. If it heats up too much it breaks the circuit (the more current, the more heat) Being hotter in Melbourne at the moment won't help, it will in fact it will reduce the amount of current the breaker can handle without tripping. One solution is to get a bigger breaker, but this may not protect you wiring. The other option is to replace it for a fuse.

          As far as not being able to reset it, you have to wait for the bimetallic strip to cool down. Once it is cool you can reset it.
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            Replaced it for a blade fuse today and all is good!