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Vibrations concerns

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  • Vibrations concerns

    Hey all
    I'm hoping I can get some answers here.
    I have some thoughts that I need additional input on.

    I have a case for my 2 subs right now that has lots of spare room in it, and I'm thinking about wiring my carputer into the sub box. That in itself isn't a problem, easy to do, no concerns there. My only problem is with the harddrive. I know the vibrations that get produced in that trunk can't be good for the harddrive, and was wondering if you guys had any special ideas/tips for it.

    I heard about some guy on here a long time ago that used something like ballistics gel to make a case for the harddrive, that absorbed the great majority of the vibrations... but I don't know what ended up with that.

    Anyway ya, ideas?

    I'll be scowering the forums tomorrow while at work looking for people who've already done this

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    I think you are worrying about it too much.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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      Probably... I haven't had this come up before, my first carputer.. so it's probably nothing, but I still wanna research it