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What happend to Hibernate Trigger?? URLs are dead...

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  • What happend to Hibernate Trigger?? URLs are dead...

    Hey all..

    I need to get a program to execute as soon as I resume from hibernation. Some poor audio drivers from VIA have a nasty bug with SPDIF that I can fix as long as I can execute a program right after hibernation... There seems to be a LOT of talk about something called Hibernate Trigger but all the URLs are dead. Google has a cache from last month, so it seems to have only recently gone away..

    Does anyone have Hibernate Trigger or can someone point me to it?

    OR.. is there a better way??

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    Here you go.
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      Originally posted by BlackStealth View Post
      Here you go.
      Perfect! Fixed my problem and works like a charm!

      Gotta love the wonderful world of the Internet... Ask and ye shall receive!