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Getting digital signals to your dash

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  • Getting digital signals to your dash

    Has anyone had any luck using USB docking stations in their car?

    This would allow for a trunk mount install
    • Digital video signal to the dash
    • Digital Audio to the dash
    • Serial port for things like OBD-II.
    • 4 USB ports on a built in powered hub

    It looks like this has been around for a while and is on the way to discontinued land.

    I saw this also mentioned here with no follow up.

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    They're called "port replicators", and it SHOULD work. I'm sure SOMEBODY has done it. It's such a simple but brilliant solution for people with space constraints.
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      Not in a car, but I did have a client with a couple of those Targus ones that is selling. They work great when they work. I had a bit of an issue with video playback and also had one with sound problems. Cracking, distortion, etc, then finally no sound at all.

      They seem cheap to me.

      Try RevFE
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        Even if you have a port replicator like this in your dash, you're still going to have USB, video and audio cables running from the laptop to the port replicator.
        You also need to power the replicator for the USB hub to be reliable.
        And then it's still a USB hub, so you could lose connection on reboot/resume with ny USB devices connected to it, as that's just the nature of USB hubs.

        Using one of these, you've saved a couple USB cables running to your dash and sacrificed some reliability. That doesn't sound particularly useful to me.
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        How about the Wiki?

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