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I just have some general setup questions

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  • I just have some general setup questions

    Ok This is my first tiem trying this and it is for my senior project for school..I have boughten everything..jus waiting for it all to get here..i bought a 1.8 ghz comp with cdrw and dvd, wireless mini keyboard with a kenwood 7" touchscreen tv..i kno the tv touchscreen wotn work..i am gonan be selling it soon and geting another oen but this is my first question..whats a good tv that woudl be good for reading stuff on windows (ex: text) and playing games fro mthe computer and playing dvds fro mthe computer..all with great quality..(touchscreen or without touchscreen) video card wise..i boguht from ebay this : ( )

    what tv will work great with this video card.. i need anything else to hook everything up..i also got an inverter on the there any connectors i would need from the computer to the screen or does everything come with the computer or graphics card i bought. i read some threads that said they boguht s-video connectors to rca and all this other i need any of that and if so..what exactly..

    please help


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    That card you bought from ebay doesn't look like a video card, it looks more like a TV tuner card. You can't plug a screen into it, it's a capture device.

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