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Small score today....

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  • Small score today....

    So, we're at the autoclub on base today and a car pulls up to the dumpster.

    Turns out, the guy is posted and he's clearing out all his extra and old stuff.

    I look over the stuff he's tossing and there's some treasures in there for a carputer builder like myself.

    I snagged 10 IDE ribbon cables (better than SATA in carputer applications IMO), about as many assorted other case wiring bits and an Intel D101GGC board complete with Intel 2.9 ghz processor.

    There were also several fans, cables and heatsinks. One is a huge passive heat sink that I grabbed just because it looks cool.....

    All free.

    Older stuff, sure. But great for building carputers.

    Just cause it's old, doesn't mean it's junk.......

    Anyone know if the radeon xpress 200 will do 800X480?

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    Can't lose with free stuff