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  • Car PC plans - Help needed

    Hi all,

    I have got all my car pc parts, except for the screen which is in the mail on its way, but just have a few last questions I am still unsure about.

    First a bit of info about my setup:

    I currently have 4gauge wire running from my battery to the boot of my car. I am running a 4x100rms jaycar amp with 6.5" splits and 6x9's in the rear.

    My car PC will basically consist
    - intel atom 330
    - M2-ATX power supply
    - 320gb 2.5" hard drive
    - 2gb ram
    - USB BU-353 GBS

    which will be hooked up in a small case, and then put in the boot of my car. I will have a 7" lilliput EBY701 in the double din housing.

    I got my M2-atx PSU recently. It didn't come with a manual or anything, so I downloaded one from the internet. However mine is slightly different to the one in the manual and the many pictures I have found on the internet, possibly I have got a fake one or an older/newer revision? I have attached two images, one of my PSU, and one the normal one on the internet. The only difference I think is that I only have two connector things near the 20pin atx connector at the end of the PCB on mine, where as there are three on the other one (if that makes sense). On mine they are labeled J4 and J9, and by looking at the manual I downloaded it means they are battery negative and external ON/OFF switch, which I don't think is correct. Any Ideas on which one I can use to act as the remote wire to my amp to tell it to turn on?

    This is my one I got off ebay:

    This is the other one that I see every where else:

    Ok, moving on now...
    This is the wiring I have in mind so far for the PC:

    Connect power wire of PSU to amp power input in the boot (I have 4 gauge so this should be plenty).
    Connect accessory wire of PSU to accessory wire of wire harness where old head unit use to sit (This tells PC to turn on)
    Connect earth PSU wire to chassis in boot.
    Connect a wire from some point (yet to be determined) on PSU to remote input of Amp (tells the amp to turn on)

    Now the powering the screen I am still unsure of:

    1. I can connect it to constant 12v of the wire harness (hopefully the screen turns off when it detects no signal and that it doesn't draw power while off)

    2. I can connect it with a wire running from the PSU but will most likely require me to make my own molex to lilliput screen wire or just cut up the spare molex I will have.

    3. I can also possibly use the accessory wire from the wire harness, which is probably the best and easiest, but will this interfere if I am also running a wire from the accessory to the psu to signal it to turn on?

    One last thing, I am using Centrafuse. I installed it today on the PC, pretty happy with it so far, however how do I get it to show the track title of MP3's first, instead of showing the band name and then the track title. It is very annoying for bands with long names as I have to wait for it to scroll to see what song it is.

    Sorry for all the questions but just want to double check with anything before finishing the install.

    Thanks for the help.