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Right hand drive cars & touchscreens....

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  • Right hand drive cars & touchscreens....

    Have any of you ever thought about this....

    You guys in the states and other countries that have left hand drive vehicles are really lucky when it comes to controlling carputers if you are right handed...

    I am right handed and drive a right hand drive vehicle. My install is going to have a 10.4" touchscreen dash mounted.

    Now I never really thought about this before now, but you should try to use a mouse/touchscreen with the opposite hand to the one you normally use everyday... its not very easy! It sound silly, but its something that I certainly never thought of before!

    I guess I am going to need some practice...

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    nar it wouldnt be that hard.... at work I jump around on different PC's all the time and ppl have their mice every which side - so its no problem at all......

    for the record - I am left handed
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      at work I have 3 computers side by side.. I pretty much have my hand on one mouse/keyboard and my other hand on that of another computer. My left hand isn't quite as aclimated to the task, but I don't suffer too much.

      Any really refined things I usually switch to using my right hand, but for the most part I can handle it well enough. My left hand is fairly useless as far as keeping rythem or trying to do anything requiring any type of accuracy, but for this task it can handle the stress

      Once you have it in there for a couple weeks you won't even think of it anymore
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        left handed have easier to adapt I heard

        btw, get a european car, then you get the steering wheel on the right side (wich is the left side)
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          Originally posted by jol
          [btw, get a european car, then you get the steering wheel on the right side (wich is the left side) [/B]
          Well, the brits are supposedly in the EC, but they still drive on the wrong side of the road (as opposed to the right side) and still use their idiotic UKP currency...
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            well, i am sure with some practice i will get better, itís just that i had never even considered this fact until i was doing some more planning of the install that it suddenly dawned on me.....

            i have never had a requirement to use my left hand much for such fine control movements. this is actually really bad, seeing as i have been in IT for 6 years now.....


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              You have your headunit on your left..
              Do you have trouble adjusting it ?
              Seems to me, if you can operate your radio, it mustn't be that hard to 'push' a button on the touchscreen...
              Today's HU have so tiny buttons.. If you can push these without a problem, then the touchscreen won't be a problem.... (if my memory serves me right.. most buttons on the apps written for carputers have bigger buttons than your HU)

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                if you're planning on using some type of mouse with your install, i could think of plenty of trick ways to integrate it into the drivers arm rest in the door...... would look very OEM if done correctly



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                  yeah, i was planning to embed a touchpad mouse from and old latop into the armrest, but my primary means of control will be the touchscreen.

                  the touchpad will be prefect, as it matches the colour of the armrest, so will not even be visible.