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  • Discussion about a MS product announced at E3

    (7:24:40 AM) DP_Vista: Hmmmmm.
    (7:24:42 AM) DP_Vista:
    (7:24:57 AM) DP_Vista: Thinking about the controller and how it could possibly be used in a vehicle.
    (7:25:41 AM) DP_Vista: Think on this....
    (7:26:56 AM) DP_Vista: You have LED signs on all four sides of your vehicle.
    (7:26:56 AM) DP_Vista: Someone's driving displeases you and you flip them off. The motion controller recognizes your hand gesture and the direction it's pointing, then shows a message on the appropriate LED sign.
    (7:27:27 AM) meddler: lol.
    (7:28:05 AM) DP_Vista: But you could also use simple hand gestures to change music tracks... load GPS nav... Basically control the PC.
    (7:28:38 AM) meddler: similiar to guestures in RR
    (7:28:42 AM) meddler: but real ones
    (7:28:46 AM) DP_Vista: Right. But in the air, not on the screen
    (7:29:19 AM) DP_Vista: If the facial recognition works on a PC as well, you could have a front-end load a playlist based on who is in the driver's seat.
    (7:29:48 AM) meddler: and how ****ed off they are
    (7:29:57 AM) DP_Vista: Hmmmmm.
    (7:30:11 AM) DP_Vista: Play something calming and soothing if you have a scowl on your face.
    (7:30:25 AM) meddler: or some death metal
    (7:30:34 AM) DP_Vista: I was thinking the same thing! lol
    (7:31:19 AM) meddler: "I'm going to kill you mutherf**ker!" /death metal voice off
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    Actually, it is a very interesting concept. I wonder if Microsoft plans to release PC drivers for this.