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  • Battery installation advice

    I'm possibly going to be putting my new battery in the car tomorrow, and I have new battery terminals that'll be going on there too. The battery terminal has inputs for 1x0 gauge, 2x4 gauge, and it also has 2 screws on top for further small wires with ring terminals.
    My question is, what's the best way to get the stock wires into this terminal? I'll be using the 0 gauge for my audio installation, so that'll be running to the boot, but I've got the two 4 gauge's free. I just had a look and from what I can tell, I've got two 4 gauge stock wires going to the battery now from places that I dont know, and then two other wires which are only small, and I can easily extend them using crimps. How would I extend the thicker wires? Is there a 4 gauge crimp I can get?

    Here are a couple of photos to show what stock wires I have. The red wires are one's that I've added so don't worry about them, I've got them covered.

    The 4's on the image are pointing to the 4 gauge wires, and the 10A arrows are pointing to wires that are around the same thickness of the red extra wires I've added that are showing in the image, they're able to handle 10 amps.

    Here is the battery terminal

    Any help is greatly appreciated..

  • #2, you're going to need large crimpers to crimp the 4 gauge connector, if you don't have one you can go to a repair shop and ask them to do it for you, they might charge a couple bucks.
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      Ahk, I knew there had to be 4 gauge crimps out there. I've tried crimping a 4 gauge ring terminal, so I know it's hard lol. I ended up getting the ol hammer out and gently smashed it lol. So my best bet is to just lengthen the wire and put them into the new battery terminal?


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        well i wouldn't crimp it with a hammer that'll give you a bad connection and it might come off, if i was you i would first look in the engine bay and see which way the wires are routed, it looks like you only need a couple inches so if you can find a different way to route the wires that might give you the length you need.
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        Bluetooth Audio Gateway Tutorial

        How to speed up boot with buried features in msconfig


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          Ok yeah I might try and do that. I'll tug on them a little bit. All the wires go into the one common wire holder thing so it might be a little difficult, but I'll definitely give it a go.


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            It looks to me as if you could just swap out the battery terminals and all of your existing connections would attach to the Top Left & Right Ring Terminal Screws on your new Battery Terminal.

            I really Do Not Like the "set screw" connections that are all to common. Too often they vibrate loose and they just don't provide a good connection to begin with!

            I don't see any reason why you need to extend any of the existing wiring either...but maybe I'm missing something in your photo?

            I love these 4ga. and 1/0ga. Ring Terminals but they are expensive at $20 & $25 per pair respectively. However, they do not require a crimp tool or solder, but they provide an extremely solid connection, much better than the simple "set screw" type.

            You just strip about an inch of the insulation off of the wire, slide the rear portion of the terminal onto your wire, fold the wire strands back over and around the perimeter of the tip, and then screw on the main Ring terminal piece and secure it with two wrenches.

            Here's a Link to a photo:

            StreetWires Inter-Lok Power-Ring Terminals

            and a Link to where you can purchase them:


            Otherwise, you will need a good-quality and heavy-duty crimp tool such as the Lenco Swedge-On Tool Model 840L for $8.85 from:


            I have used this one extensively with very easy and excellent results. You just strike it with a hammer. Make sure to order the proper Crimp/Cable Lugs/Ring Terminals to go with this.

            If you have a small Blow-Torch and solder you can use this method:




            Hope this helps!

            Billy B.