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New setup in 97 Accord

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  • New setup in 97 Accord

    Hello all, I have a 97 Accord in which I would like to install a carputer (or something like a carputer)

    I am looking for the cheapest way to use my PDA (Dell Axim x30) to play music (and maybe do other things, but music is the priority) in my car.

    I can't use only the PDA since there is not nearly enough room on it for an mp3 collection and the audio output is probably not that great.

    The most obvious option to me would be to install a pc in my car and control the pc with my PDA (with something like GRemote) But I am hoping there is a cheaper solution...?

    If a car pc is the only way to do it, is it possible to use ONLY the PDA as the computer screen and input device (i.e. the only parts I need are Motherboard, Hard Drive, and PDA)

    Thanks for any advice!


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    Does your stereo headunit have an auxiliary port on it?
    Does your Dell Axim have any sort of stereo out?
    Does your Dell Axim have any sort of external storage, MicroSD, SD, CF, etc..?

    You could stereo out into the aux port on your headunit and play MP3s that way.

    If you're going to build a CarPC you're going to want to plan to go the full route. Plan for as much as possible - I went as "full route" as I thought I needed. Now I wish I would've pulled thicker gauge to the trunk so I could add an AMP and fix some audio noise issues I think I'm running into. If I want to add an AMP now I need to rerun the power cable to handle the beefier power draw.
    FAQ to the FAQ - Great Starting Point

    My 2006 Honda Accord Carputer - Work In Progress
    My 1997 Chrysler Concorde Carputer - Died


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      Thank you for the reply

      Yes, I have a 1/8" input jack for my head unit

      Yes, a regular headphone out

      Yes, SD

      I was hoping I would be able to use the Axim to control a hard drive with mp3s on it, but I think the only way possible to do this is if that hard drive were on a pc. I already have all the audio equipment I need (head unit, 1 amp for 4 speakers, 1 amp for subs)

      With car pcs, do you usually skip the head unit and go straight from the pc sound card to the amps?