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  • Thinking about this setup!

    Good evening everybody!

    This will be my first setup, I've been trolling here for a few weeks, and think I might have general idea, here it goes.

    I'll be using a laptop mainly because a cheap one with a broken screen can be had for US75. This will go in a 99 Grand Cherokee Limited.

    I'll be going with a Acer 5570 if I can help it. This is actually the laptop I have now.

    I'll strip the laptop and build a custom Plexi case, I won't be using the LCD since the laptop has a VGA out.

    I'll take the DVD burner and extend the wiring, and build it into the cubby under the armrest. Same with the harddrive, If I have the money, I'll get a small SSD to run the OS and the few apps that I'll need, and use an external drive for everything else.

    I'll use a USB audio card to run an amp and six speakers.

    I'll be running Moblin, because it seems simple enough and touch friendly.

    I'll bu this LCD:

    And a touch panel kit, and build it into the dash of the Jeep, I'll have to move the HVAC controls, thankfully they are all ellectronic, and I'll have to get rid of the dash trim, I'll probably go with some faux aluminum. The screen will be in portrait.

    Here are the issues I see now:

    First, this mother gets hot, It's an Intel dual core. Having the computer go into hibernate when I shutdown the car, I do know I'll keep the battery so there's no chance of the cars battery dying.

    And are there any GPS solutions that run on Linux?

    All the connections will be soldered, I even rigged up a cordless soldering iron, gets hot in 15 seconds, and i works as good as a 40 watt iron, it runs on one 9v battery.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I'd gladly appreciate it.