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2004 Lancer, wanting to build, but portable.

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  • 2004 Lancer, wanting to build, but portable.

    I have a 2004 lancer, I'm happy with the stock speakers and the Pioneer stereo that I have right now. I want to basically put in a computer of some sort, and fab in a DVD drive below the stereo and HVAC controls, in the little pocket there. Possibly a USB hub too. I want to basically be able to take a flash drive, put the tunes in that I want, and organize them, play them in something like winamp or whatever, run the system on linux, possibly.

    I know I want to have a computer in my car, with a 7-10" widescreen display which I can still take with me when I get out of the car. With ease of access to add new files and put in interface devices, and possibly have a keyboard hooked in as well to use for internet, perhaps a smaller one. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas on how to go from here, I thought about a 300W inverter direct to fuse box. I want to make it rock hard but not be so I am trying to figure this out, I'm looking to buy components over the next year and start to install.

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    you can start here:

    i would highly reccommend that you get a smart dc-dc power supply instead of using a inverter-- they are just way to in-efficent(you are in essence, converting 12volts to 120, and then back to 12 volts.)

    there are alot of people here that have built a similar system(not replacing the stereo), so search the build logs for a similar car/setup, and overall, just look around-- and most of your general questions on setup and configuration are probably already answered--you just need to search for them.
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      Ok, sounds good.


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        Good luck with your project, I'm starting work on my '04 lancer as well and will be running a worklog if you need any help. (2004 Lancer Ralliart)