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Open Soruce Front End?

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  • Open Soruce Front End?

    Hey guys i am wondering is there a program similar to Centra Fuze that is open source?

    At this stage at time i don't really have the cash to spend on Centra Fuze just yet and i want to learn more about my PC in my car before configuring such a thing but i wouldn't mind getting something like it setup that's all.

    All help is much appreciated.
    I Live In Australia :D

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    RevFE is open source. Did you look in the front end section of the forum. A little searching needs to be done. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      yeah i am all new to this site as you can see and i am unaware of what programs Suit American Gear to Australia etc.

      Thanks man. i'll take a look around and see what i can find out.
      I Live In Australia :D


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        the biggest difference is the gps programs-some of the map data is way out of date outside of the the usa- most other programs don't care where your located(music and video playback doesnt matter). ther are plenty of front ends out there, so heard on over to the front ends section and check em out.
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