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Anyone have the Revosys300 indash computer

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  • Anyone have the Revosys300 indash computer

    Ok here's the pickle, over the weekend my system just died, I had a Acer Aspire laptop the keyboard was broken so that's why I went the laptop route but as I said my system just died the laptop is not usable.

    I have accepted it's fate, so I have to look into a new system. I have decided that my system will be an all in one in the dash system reason being my car, I have a 07 Chrysler 300 and running the wires for my old setup was murder because I have a full system in my car amps, subwoofers and the like, so I just don't feel like pulling the seats and side panels off again.

    I looked into to all in one systems and I am trying and hoping that some of the good people here have these and ca give me a ne or ye on them.

    The first system is the Revosysx300 or Revosysx400 http://

    The second is the Portal Media N52 or N53 http:// these only have 600 mhz processors.

    So have anyone on the forums purchased any of thee systems and have any reviews that they can give me. thanx in advance for any help.