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Cooling an incar security camera. Temp controlled fan? Passive ideas?

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  • Cooling an incar security camera. Temp controlled fan? Passive ideas?

    I noticed a few other people here with similar rearview mirror mounted security cams and Im wondering if you guys have heat issues as well? I leave my system on 24/7, which usually isnt a problem unless it's the summer.

    When driving, the interior of the car is usually cool, so that is not a problem for the camera. The problem is when I leave the car sitting out in the sun on a hot (25C +) day. Of course the interior will get incredibly hot and the mounted camera even hotter. I think the interior temperature is probably around 45C on a bad day. Even when I turn off the camera, the outside casing will still be very hot to the touch when the car is sitting in the sun. I suspect the temperature of the camera is about 60 - 70C, which is too high for comfort.

    So out of curiousity, in such an extreme situation, does anyone have ideas how I can leave my camera running 24/7 in the hot sun, but not risk damage due to temperature? Ive epoxied a small heatsink to the camera and it hasnt been very helpful. I cant think of any passive cooling solution which may work, since the ambient car interior temperature is so high. Of course since this is a 24/7 system, Id like to draw as little power as possible. Maybe someone could point me off in the right direction to design a temperature controlled mini fan?

    Here's pics of my install. I even have a small aluminum shade to attempt to block off some of the sun, but it's still pretty useless.

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    the heat sink wouldn't do anything for you if you leave it outside in the sun.
    During summer time, your car is basically a green house, it'll trap heat and store making it hotter than the outside air. What you really need is circulation, I'd suggest getting a small solar panel and 2 efficient fans, one blowing air inside, and one blowing air outside. these may be enough, but you'll have to check the fan specs.


    • #3 power, I never even thought of that one! Solves the problem of circulation, while not having to draw power from the battery. Even though the inside ambient temp is so high, I can maybe try to have the fan circulate air from cooler, shaded areas of the interior to the camera. Not really feasible to have air being sucked in from the outside.


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        Get those windshield block thing, and put it on when you park. That'll help also


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          I already use a reflective windshield cover for the hot days. Also have limo tint in the back, none of these things seem to do anything. Car is still hot as hell. Anyways, just picked up 8 solar lights for dirt cheap at Rona today, dismantled and rigged up the panels to a small fan. Still not sure if that will work since all is being done is recirculating stale hot air around. Oh well, if it doesnt work then I have 8 garden lights.


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            Those things are suppose to power leds. I doubt they have enough juice to power fans.
            I hope you didn't misunderstand me. When I say circulation I mean you need outside air (some sort of holes to outside). Otherwise it's pointless to circulate air inside the car.