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Install in dash with no case?

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  • Install in dash with no case?

    I have a pretty big space in my dash (98 Pathfinder) that's about 3-4 inches tall and about 9-10 inches deep. I was thinking about getting the new 1 din size case from Case-Outlet, but I think 10 inches is going to be too deep. I'm thinking maybe I can just secure the mobo (probably Epia) and HD in the cavity and just have the DVD drive showing. Is there any grounding issues or anything else I should worry about with mounting the components this way?

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    I saw someone do this on a Wrangler TJ seen as we have a crap load of space back there too. Can't remember the link or anything, just remember he secured the mobo with zip ties I think.....

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      well if it helps any I currently have my car torn apart putting in a car computer, I had a bit of a differnt situation, plenty of space but not in a rectangular block like cases typicly are. I am fabricating a case from metal "L"s and aluminum sheeting on the bottom to mount the mobo to, and aluminum mesh on the sides for air circulation. youd be surpised how small a computer can be when you dont waste space.

      for an idea, a mobo is about 12x10inches, and that is a FULL SIZED ATX mobo. a FAR cry from the typical 18x18 that most cases are. only other space is the power supply, and dvd and hd, if you use a laptop hard drive, the space is nearly negligable, and I bet your mounting a dvd in a place remote place as well. leaving you just needing to squeeze the powersupply in somewhere.

      grounding shouldnt be an issue from what Im told. but remember you have to get cooling in there somehow, so make sure you have places to put fans to get air in and out of the unit. that sounds like it would be your hardest thing since its behind the dash...