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Research Historic Development of MP3 usage in cars

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  • Research Historic Development of MP3 usage in cars

    Im from Germany and Im writing an article about the development of MP3 usage in cars from the early days on. I hope to find some hints in this forum in order to learn more about when did mp3 became relevant for customers, what was the first known method to get your mp3 collection being played in your car. When did the connection of MP3 Players and car stereo came to a point where you could control your mp3 player from the stereo and where able to see the id3 tags. I also would like to know if there where non-comercial attempts to get this work done and weather or not these attempts mounted into a commercial state.
    I already found out about the Neo 35 MP3 CarJukebox (still trying to get an official statement when it was sold the first time and when it was shown to the public the first time). Also the PhatBox had poped up during my research but I could not figure out when it was shown to public for the first time. I belief it was sold from 2001 on.
    I really appreciate your help.
    Best regards from Germany,